Twice during the year, Elena holds recital for her students, in which most of her students perform.  These recitals are a great opportunity for friends and family to enjoy and hear the achievements of the performers and witness their developing talents.

Recitals also sharpen the skills of students of all ages and help to prepare them for public performances and any other event that might put them on a stage or in the spotlight.  They learn that the secret to being comfortable in that situation is to be fully prepared.



Recitals DSC05251motivate students to focus and practice for a significant period of time with a goal in mind. Students strive for accuracy, listen more carefully, and develop their musicality more rapidly when recitals are scheduled. These skills are the same skills they will need to develop if they aspire to participate in some of the local area competitions and other recitals in the community.  Students also perform in a variety of well-attended musical events organized by the Naples Music Club, the Steinway Society, and the Fort Myers Music Teachers Associations, at local cDSC04390hurches, and benefits.

These are fun recitals, often with some theme, that offer performers the change to meet student of other teachers and make new friends.