Headshot 4Expert Piano Instruction
for Self-Fulfillment or Competition

There are few gifts for your child that match the gift of music. This gift can have a pronounced effect on your child. Research has shown that musical instruction, such as piano lessons improves a child’s temporal-spatial ability (e.g., for algebra) and verbal memory skills. The younger the child, the more pronounced the effect. And, of course, sharpness of ability is more likely to continue if instruction is continued.

“I believe that the study of music builds character and enhances intellect. More importantly, it forms the ability to understand and express the deepest human emotions.  I have seen the effect throughout my 30 years of piano lessons/instruction. Competitive winners as well as other children and adult student get great enjoyment through the experience of music.”

Explore the experience Elena can provide for your child, or yourself, through weekly piano lessons, recitals, and—if desired–advanced instruction for competition.

All of Ms. Bock’s students have the opportunity to perform in piano recitals. Some students go on to perform in area competitions as well.

These performances and the preparation for these performances sharpen memorization and technical skills.